“Pay close attention to the bottom right corner.”

English Lesson: Pay close attention to the bottom right corner.

You watched an interesting video on YouTube where there is a sudden action at one point in the video. You want to show it to your sister. You bring her to the computer with you and play the video. You say this to describe where she should look to see the interesting part of the video.

Pay close attention to the bottom right corner.

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pay close attention to (something)

To "pay attention to" something means to look or listen to it carefully:

I always paid attention to the teacher When I was in school.

You can also just use "pay attention" by itself:

Hey, pay attention!

The adjective "close" is often used with "pay attention to". It gives the sense of looking or listening even more carefully, searching for details:

You've got to pay really close attention to the road when you're driving.

the (top / bottom) (right / left) corner

When you're describing what's in a photo, in a video, or on a piece of paper or a computer screen, sometimes you need to describe where it is inside of that area. Here's how to describe where something is in an area:

  • "in the upper half" or "in the lower half"
  • "on the left side" or "on the right side"
  • "at the top" or "at the bottom" (also for things that are close to the edges)
  • "on the far left" or "on the far right" (this is for things that are very close to the edges)
  • "in the corner"

When you need to combine them, tell top/bottom/upper/lower before saying left/right. For example:

It's on the upper right side.

It's in the bottom left corner.