the (top / bottom) (right / left) corner

When you're describing what's in a photo, in a video, or on a piece of paper or a computer screen, sometimes you need to describe where it is inside of that area. Here's how to describe where something is in an area:

  • "in the upper half" or "in the lower half"
  • "on the left side" or "on the right side"
  • "at the top" or "at the bottom" (also for things that are close to the edges)
  • "on the far left" or "on the far right" (this is for things that are very close to the edges)
  • "in the corner"

When you need to combine them, tell top/bottom/upper/lower before saying left/right. For example:

It's on the upper right side.

It's in the bottom left corner.

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