“Please! You've got to help me!”

English Lesson: Please! You've got to help me!

You're moving to a new apartment next weekend. You need help to move all of your stuff. You asked your close friend to help you move, but he hasn't said "yes" yet. You say this in desperation.

Please! You've got to help me!

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You've got to (do something)!

The phrase "you've got to ___" can have several different meanings, depending on the situation and how you say it. It could be:

  • An explanation:
    You've got to turn your card the other way or it won't work.
  • A strongly-worded suggestion or command:
    You've got to get out and start looking for a job!

But when you're talking to family or friends, you can also use "You've got to ___" to beg for something that you want from them. It may seem kind of rude or demanding, but it's not. It just sounds like you really want the listener's help.

Here are some other examples:

I saw a ghost – I promise! You've got to believe me!

You got tickets? That's so awesome! You've got to let me come with you!

By the way, sometimes people say "you" instead of "you've" and pronounce "got to" in a way that sounds like "godda".


Imagine that you really want something, so you have to beg for it. When you beg for something, you say "Please!" For example, imagine that someone attacks your boyfriend. You would yell:

Please! Don't hurt him!

Or imagine that you're a child who's found a stray puppy and brought it home. You would beg your parents to let you keep it:

Let us keep him, dad. Please!