“So… any ideas?”

English Lesson: So… any ideas?

You're leading a meeting at work. Your company is facing a problem. After describing the problem, you ask your coworkers to help you solve it.

So… any ideas?

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So, (sentence)

This is a good way to signal a new "part" of a conversation.

For example, when you're starting a meeting, you can start by welcoming everyone and sharing general information. Then, when you're ready to talk about the main point of the meeting, you can use "So":

So, let's talk about our budget.

You can use "So" to switch to a more serious topic when talking with friends or family:

So, how are things going between you and Kelli?

You can also use "So" to transition between describing a problem and talking about the solution:

...and now we're losing over $200,000 per month. So, obviously, we need to talk about cutting costs.

Any ideas?

This sentence is a shortened version of "Do you have any ideas?" Ask this when you want someone to help you think of something like:

  • a solution for a problem
  • the answer to a confusing question
  • suggestions for fun things to do

Here's an example:

We need to get Trey somethng for his birthday. Any ideas?

Any (something)?

You can ask a question like this:

Any ideas?

This means "Do you have any ideas?" Some other examples are:

Any questions?

Any thoughts about this?

Any messages for me?