“Sounds freaky.”

English Lesson: Sounds freaky.

Your friend tells you about a dream he had last night. It was really strange and frightening. This is your response.

Sounds freaky.

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Sounds (adjective)

In casual speech, English speakers sometimes start a sentence with "Sounds" instead of "That sounds" or "It sounds":

Sounds fun.

Sounds tough.

Sounds like a good idea.

We also do this with "Seems":

Seems OK.

You should avoid doing this in formal speaking or writing.

(something) is freaky

"Freaky" means "strange" or "weird". Some things that can be described as "freaky" include:

a freaky tattoo

a freaky fashion trend

a freaky scene (in a movie)

freaky weather

"Freaky can also mean "sexually wild".