“Sweetheart, it's 2011. Get with it!”

English Lesson: Sweetheart, it's 2011. Get with it!

Your coworker says that she's never used Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking services. You can't believe it. You think that she needs to try out these services, so you say this.

Sweetheart, it's 2011. Get with it!

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Some people call coworkers, friends, or even strangers or customers "sweetheart".

"Sweetheart" is a common way to address your children, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or your husband/wife. But it's less common to use this with other people. When you do, its sounds friendly and a little like you're pretending to be that person's mother, father, aunt, etc.

It's mostly women and gay men who use "sweetheart" with strangers and friends. In the past, men used to use "sweetheart" to address younger women, but now a lot of people think it sounds sexist.

Get with it!

When someone isn't up to date with current technology, fashion, or news, you can tell them to "Get with it!" This means that they should catch up with what's happening now.

Of course, this phrase is extremely useful when talking to your parents, because parents are always out of fashion:

Mom, no one buys CDs any more. You just download the singles. Come on, get with it!

Dad, cargo pants went out of style five years ago. Get with it!

The stress in this phrase is on "with":

Get with it!