“Thanks but no thanks.”

English Lesson: Thanks but no thanks.

You're having an argument with your girlfriend and she won't talk to you. You tell your friend about this, and he offers to talk to her for you. You think that's a really bad idea because it's none of your friend's business and you think it would make your girlfriend even more angry. You say this in response to his offer.

Thanks but no thanks.

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Thanks but no thanks

This English expression means "no". You use it when:

  1. Someone offers to help you or give you something
  2. You don't want it
  3. You think the offer is strange, annoying, or unbelievable
  4. You want to show that you didn't like the offer, but still speak politely

You can use "Thanks but no thanks" in situations like these:

  • A friend offers you some food that looks disgusting.
  • A salesman tries to sell you something that you definitely don't want.
  • You got laid off last year, and now your old boss calls to try to get you to come back to your old job.


"Thanks" is a friendlier, lighter way to say "Thank you":

A: Here's your tea.

B: Thanks.

Use it with people you know pretty well, like family members, friends, and coworkers who you've spoken with in the past.