“That seems like a tough field to break into.”

English Lesson: That seems like a tough field to break into.

You meet someone at a party. She says that she's a veterinarian (animal doctor) at a zoo. You're really impressed because it seems hard to get that job. You comment on it.

That seems like a tough field to break into.

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That seems like (something).

When you're having a conversation, it's good to respond to what the other person says. For example:

A: I'm going to Spain next weekend.

B: Cool. That seems exciting!

The phrase "That seems ___" is a useful way to comment on what someone has just said. You follow it with an adjective like "fun" or "difficult".

If you wan to use a noun instead of an adjective, change the phrase to "That seems like ___."

That seems like a lot of work.

(something) is tough to (do)

The word "tough" can mean "difficult", like in this conversation:

A: How was the movie?

B: It was good, but it was a little tough to understand.

break into (an industry or field)

Some industries or fields of work are very competitive. It can be difficult to become something like

  • an actor
  • a politician
  • an artist
  • a university professor

Getting a job in a competitive field is known as "breaking into" that field. For example:

Thousands of people move to Hollywood every year hoping to break into the movie industry.