“That's a fancy-looking new camera you've got there.”

English Lesson: That's a fancy-looking new camera you've got there.

You're with a friend of yours in a park. You notice that he has a new camera that looks expensive. You want to say something about it in a playful way.

That's a fancy-looking new camera you've got there.

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"Fancy" things are high-quality, expensive, and sophisticated.

People who aren't rich or sophisticated tend to use the word "fancy". It sounds like a word that someone from the country uses when talking about things that rich people have. For example:

I may not have fancy clothes or an expensive car, but I work hard for my money.

In the example above, the speaker might have used the word "fancy" as a joke.

You can put "-looking" on the end of an adjective to show that it's specifically talking about how something looks:

We went out to a really trendy-looking restaurant.

That's a (adjective)(noun) you've got there.

When you want to start a conversation about something that a person has, use this phrase. It sounds casual and fun:

That's an awfully big hat you've got there.

That's a nice car you've got there.