“That's... quite a bold fashion statement...”

English Lesson: That's... quite a bold fashion statement...

Your teenage son is wearing some wild-looking clothes. You can't understand why he would wear that outfit. You want to comment on it without being too negative.

That's... quite a bold fashion statement...

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quite a (something)

"Quite" is an adverb that means something similar to "very". It's perhaps a little lower in strength than "very".

If you're using "quite" with an adjective, you say "quite ___":

I'm quite hungry.

If you're using it with a noun, you say "quite a ___" or "quite an ___":

It's quite a useful book.

You have quite an impressive background.

"Quite" is an intelligent- or sophisticated-sounding word. Some people who want to seem intelligent use "quite" more, while people who want to seem more "down to earth" use other words like "really ___" or "real":

You must really have a sense of accomplishment.

a bold statement

When you "make a bold statement", you express an opinion in a brave way. It might be "bold" because the opinion is uncommon or controversial. It might also be "bold" if there's a strong possiblity that your statement will be wrong.

Here are some examples of "bold" statements:

New York is the best city in the world!

I'm never having children.

a fashion statement

When someone is wearing clothes that are out of the ordinary, you can call their choice of clothes a "fashion statement".

When you describe a choice of clothes as a "fashion statement", it can be either positive or critical.