“That's really cool how you made it look like they're flying.”

English Lesson: That's really cool how you made it look like they're flying.

Your brother is editing a music video for his band. There is a scene in the video in which the band members look like they're flying. You like that scene a lot. You say this to praise your brother.

That's really cool how you made it look like they're flying.

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(something) is cool

There are several meanings of "cool". Of course, there is the original meaning of "not hot". But other meanings include:

  • popular
  • interesting
  • relaxed and not easily stressed

"Cool" started off as slang, but has been used for so long that it's OK to use in most situations. A normal adult can use the word "cool" in any of these situations:

  • talking to a friend or family member
  • in a business meeting
  • talking to someone they just met
  • in an email message
  • in an advertisement

Situations in which it would be (just a little) strange to use "cool" are:

  • if you were born before 1940
  • in a written essay

(It's/That/s)(good/cool/etc.) how you (did something)

In spoken English, people often use this kind of expression to praise something good. You can use different phrases that mean "good":

It's great how you were able to finish so quickly.

It's nice how you always remember people's birthdays.

And the sentence can start with "It's" or "That's":

That's really neat how the design repeats itself again and again.

make (something) (do something)

To "make" something happen is to cause it to happen, by doing it yourself or telling someone else do it:

Do you know how to make a rock skip on the water when you throw it?

She made Jason bring her a coffee.

(something) looks like (clause)

When something "looks like" it is happening, that means that it seems to be happening. You use "it looks like (something is happening)" when you're not sure if it's real:

It looks like Jenna and Phillip might be interested in each other.

Or you can use it when you know something isn't real, but it "looks like" it is. In the example at the top, you know that the band members aren't flying, but on the video it "looks like" they are.