“That's weird. I could have sworn I put it here.”

English Lesson: That's weird. I could have sworn I put it here.

You're looking for the book that you're reading. You thought it was on the nightstand next to your bed, but it's not there. You think this to yourself.

That's weird. I could have sworn I put it here.

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That's weird.

Say this about something that's unexpected and a little confusing.

For example, if you check your bank account and find that there's more money in it than you thought, you can say to yourself:

That's weird. I didn't think I had that much in here.

I could have sworn (clause)

Use the phrases "I could have sworn..." when you were really sure that you knew something, but then you find out that you were wrong.

For example, imagine that you're telling a story about a trip that you took a long time ago with your friend. But then your friend says that she doesn't remember it:

A: I don't remember that at all. It must have been someone else.

B: Really? No, I could have sworn it was you!

You were really sure that she was on the trip with you, but now you find out that maybe she wasn't.