“There's one little patch that never seems to grow in.”

English Lesson: There's one little patch that never seems to grow in.

A friend asks if you've ever tried to grow a beard. You've tried, but it didn't look good. You're explaining why you stopped trying.

There's one little patch that never seems to grow in.

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a patch (of something)

A "patch" is an area where lots of little things grow (or don't grow). For example, in your garden you can have "a strawberry patch". On your head, an area where hair doesn't grow is "a bald patch".

There's also another meaning of "patch", which is a flat piece of something that you use to fix something that's broken. You sew on a "patch" to fix a ripped piece of clothing, for example.

(something) never seems to (do something)

Use "seems to ___" to talk about a situation or result that you can't control.

For example:

He seems to be late.

I bought these here earlier today, but when I got them home I discovered that one of them seems to have a hole in it.

Everybody seems to be critical of the President these days, but I still believe in him.

(something) grows in

Use "grow in" to talk about growing things to fill a space or cover an area. Here are some things that "grow in":

  • a child's first teeth
  • grass on a lawn
  • an area where your hair has been ripped or burned