“No, I'm good. I had a late lunch.”

English Lesson: No, I'm good. I had a late lunch.

You're visiting a friend's house in the evening. He's going to order dinner from a restaurant. He asks if you want anything to eat, but you're full already.

No, I'm good. I had a late lunch.

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No, I'm good.

"I'm good" is a casual expression that means "No thanks."

You can respond "I'm good" when someone offers you something (like food) but you don't need it:

A: Here, have a piece of cake.

B: No, I'm good.

Use it with friends, coworkers, and family members.

(someone) had a late lunch

A "late lunch" means that you ate lunch later than usual.

People use this phrase to explain why they're not hungry at dinner time:

I'm not really hungry. I had a late lunch.