“View latest statement”

English Lesson: View latest statement

You're on your bank's website. You'd like to see a record of what happened last month. You click on this link.

View latest statement

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view (something)

To "view" something means to look at it. The word "view" is more formal than "look at". Here's an example that you might see on a real estate agent's website:

Please contact us if you would like to view the property.

(your) statement

Your "statement" is a document that shows how much money is in an account. Some different kinds of statements include

  • a bank statement
  • a credit card statement
  • an investment portfolio statement

You can "check" a statement:

Don't you check your statement before you withdraw money?

Or you can look at it:

I should probably take a look at my statement for my retirement account to see how much I have saved.