“What does the horsie say? Neigh, neigh!”

English Lesson: What does the horsie say? Neigh, neigh!

Your son is looking at a book about farm animals. There's a picture of a horse. You want to quiz him, so you say this.

What does the horsie say? Neigh, neigh!

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"Horsie" is a name that you can use for a horse when you're talking to very young children. We have special cuter-sounding names for many animals that we teach children:

  • "horsie" (horse)
  • "doggie" (dog)
  • "kitty-cat" (cat)
  • "piggy" (pig)
  • "birdie" (bird)
  • "fishy" (fish)

The (animal) says (a sound)

When English speakers teach children what noises different animals make, they usually do it this way:

The duck says "Quack."

The cow says "Moo, moo!"


"Neigh" is the word that English speakers use for the sound that a horse makes.

Here's a list of some other animal noises:

  • Cat: "Meow"
  • Pig: "Oink"
  • Bird: "Tweet"
  • Duck: "Quack"
  • Sheep: "Baa"
  • Turkey: "Gobble"
  • Rooster: "Cock-a-doodle-doo"