“We all had to huddle together for warmth.”

English Lesson: We all had to huddle together for warmth.

One time you went on a camping trip with some friends and it got much colder than you expected at night. Now you're telling a story about the trip, and you explain how you all slept in your tent.

We all had to huddle together for warmth.

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huddle together

When people (or animals) "huddle together", they put their bodies into a ball-like position and get very close to each other:

Look at the kitties huddled together in the corner. How cute!

You might "huddle together" with someone if you're:

  • afraid
  • cold
  • affectionate toward each other

(do something) for warmth

When it's really cold, you do things "for warmth":

We all used to sleep right next to the heater for warmth.

Do you remember that scene in "The Empire Strikes Back" where Han had to put Luke inside his Tauntaun for warmth?