“We have a really vibrant art scene.”

English Lesson: We have a really vibrant art scene.

You have a friend visiting you from out of town. You're telling her about the good qualities of the city that you live in. You tell her this.

We have a really vibrant art scene.

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"Really" means "very" but is better for casual conversation. "Very" is correct in written English, but can sound a little formal and old-fashioned in spoken conversation.

I thought it was a really original take on the story.

Also, "very" can only be used to modify an adjective

It's very small.

I'm very tired.

"Really" can be used for adjectives as well as verbs:

It's really small.

I'm really tired.

I really wanted to go

Do you really think so?

a vibrant (something)

Something that is "vibrant" is exciting and energetic:

  • "Vibrant" colors are bright and strong.
  • A "vibrant community" has a lot of interesting activities going on all the time.

an art scene

A city's "art scene" is all of the art shows, galleries, events, artists, art buyers, and so on that happen there. A "scene" includes both the events and the people. It centers around a particular city or neighborhood, and also a certain period of time.

In addition to "the art scene", here are some other kinds of "scenes":

the 1980's San Francisco punk rock scene

the club scene in Miami

the New York fashion scene

People who belong to a scene tend to talk, dress, and act alike. Some people fit in really well within the scene. These people can be called "scenesters", although that's a little bit of a negative term.