“We split a couple of appetizers — the grilled octopus and the eggplant dip with pita.”

You went to a restaurant with a group of friends and now you're writing a review of it on a restaurant-reviews website. You say this describing what you ordered.

We split a couple of appetizers — the grilled octopus and the eggplant dip with pita.

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a couple of (something)

"A couple" means "two", but is more casual. "A couple of ___" also sounds less specific than "two". You can use it when you think there's 2 of something, but you're not totally sure:

I've seen a couple of Thai restaurants in this neighborhood, but I've never been to any of them.


At a restaurant, "appetizers" are small dishes that are brought out before your main course. People often split appetizers with each other. Salads are usually not considered to be appetizers. The dishes that come out after the appetizers are called the entrees. These are larger dishes that people usually don't share with each other.

grilled (something)

A "grilled" dish is cooked on a metal grill that's laid over flames. You call food that's cooked this way "grilled ___". For example:

grilled chicken

grilled corn

Other styles of cooking that are sometimes included in the name of a dish include:

  • "Roasted" things are cooked in an oven.

    roasted red pepper hummus

    roasted peanuts

  • "Sauteed" food is cooked in a pan on high heat.

    steak withsauteed mushroom

  • "Stir-fried" food is cooked in a Chinese-style pan called a wok. The ingredients are cut thinly and cooked quickly.

    stir fried vegetables

  • "Steamed" food is cooked in a container that sits over boiled water.

    steamed broccoli

    steamed dumplings

(something) dip

A "dip" is a kind of food that you scoop up with crackers, chips, bread, or sometimes vegetables. Dips are usually creamy, and have a half-liquid, half-solid texture.

split (something)

To "split" something means to share it equally between people. It's often used in a restaurant setting. Things that people often "split" include:

  • split an appetizer (at a restaurant)
  • split a dessert
  • split the check

You can split something with another person:

Do you want to split this with me?

Or you can split something between a group of people:

We'll just order a few salads and split them between us.