grilled (something)

A "grilled" dish is cooked on a metal grill that's laid over flames. You call food that's cooked this way "grilled ___". For example:

grilled chicken

grilled corn

Other styles of cooking that are sometimes included in the name of a dish include:

  • "Roasted" things are cooked in an oven.

    roasted red pepper hummus

    roasted peanuts

  • "Sauteed" food is cooked in a pan on high heat.

    steak withsauteed mushroom

  • "Stir-fried" food is cooked in a Chinese-style pan called a wok. The ingredients are cut thinly and cooked quickly.

    stir fried vegetables

  • "Steamed" food is cooked in a container that sits over boiled water.

    steamed broccoli

    steamed dumplings

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