“We'll pass that along as soon as we have it.”

English Lesson: We'll pass that along as soon as we have it.

A client asks you for some research information about the results of your company's product. You don't have the research, but you will send it to your client when you get it. You tell them this.

We'll pass that along as soon as we have it.

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pass (some information) along

"Passing something along" means passing something from one person to the next person in a line. People often use this phrase to talk about information: one person gets some information, then tells someone else. 

For example:

We're expected to have an answer later this week. When we hear, we'll pass it along to you.

Just tell Jun and have him pass it along to everyone.


(do something) as soon as (something happens)

The phrase "as soon as" expresses something that happens immediately after something else:

He called as soon as he heard the news.

I went straight to sleep as soon as I got home.

Another way of expressing a similar idea is "when":

I'll start dinner when I finish writing this e-mail.

But you use "as soon as" to emphasize that you're doing it as quickly as you can. So this phrase is useful in situations where you're making an excuse for being late.