“We're seeing our retail marketing efforts really pay off.”

English Lesson: We're seeing our retail marketing efforts really pay off.

Your company has started to advertise your product in stores. You're more sales as a result. You're announcing this at a meeting. You say this.

We're seeing our retail marketing efforts really pay off.

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We're seeing (something happen)

People use this expression when discussing trends in a business meeting or presentation:

We're seeing a rise in demand for electronic devices this quarter.

our efforts

This is another expression that people use in business. "Efforts" means the things that your company or group is trying to do. For example, "efforts" might mean a sales strategy, an advertising campaign, etc.:

We're going to continue our efforts in the northern regions, and also start to branch out to some of the southern markets.

retail marketing

"Marketing" is a part of business. It means trying to figure out how to sell stuff to customers. It can include how you design products, how you advertise them, and how the company communicates to customers.

"Retail" means stores. So "retail marketing" is advertisements or other promotions that you do in a store. Examples might include signs, people giving out samples, and so on.

The phrase "retail marketing" probably wouldn't make sense to a lot of English speakers unless they work in a large company with dedicated marketing staff.

(something) pays off

When something "pays off", it means that there's a benefit or profit from it. In the example above, the marketing efforts "paid off". That means that the company made more money because of it.

Here are some other examples using "pay off":

All that hard work and determination really paid off.

I'm putting a lot of time and money into this business, but hopefully it'll pay off down the road.