“We've only got a couple dozen more to go.”

English Lesson: We've only got a couple dozen more to go.

You're helping your friend mail her wedding invitations. She's sending a lot of invitations, so it's taking a long time. But now you're almost done, so you say this.

We've only got a couple dozen more to go.

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a couple dozen

"A dozen" means 12. Certain things come in containers of 12, like eggs and doughnuts:

Do you want a dozen or a half-dozen?

We also use "dozen" to talk about numbers that are between 12 and 100. We use "dozens" instead of "tens":

I've been there dozens of times.

There were a few dozen people there.

"A couple dozen" means about 20 to 30.

(someone) has (something) to go

Use the phrase "have ___ to go" to talk about how much time or distance is remaining before something is finished:

We have three weeks to go before the end of the semester.

I was almost finished - I had another mile or two to go - when my knee gave out.

You can also use "have ___" to go to talk about the number of something that you need to complete:

I have two more sales to go to hit my quota.