“Hey, have you had a chance to consider my request?”

English Lesson: Hey, have you had a chance to consider my request?

Last month you asked your boss if you could work one day a week from home. She said that she'd think about it, but hasn't answered yet. You want to remind her that you're waiting for an answer.

Hey, have you had a chance to consider my request?

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You say "Hey" at the beginning of a sentence in casual English when you want to get someone's attention. For example:

Hey, Hitomi, can you hand me that box over there?

It's common to say "Hey" before you ask someone a question, or when someone has done something that's wrong or unfair:

Hey, you're taking up the whole bed!

Use "hey" with people you know or are familiar with. When you're talking to people you don't know as well, "Excuse me" is more polite.

Have you had a chance to (do something)?

Use "Have you had a chance to ___?" in this kind of situation:

  • You've asked someone to do something. 
  • You want to check whether they've done it.
  • You want to be polite and respectful.

consider a request

When someone asks you for something, it's a "request". When you think about whether to say "yes" or "no", you're "considering" the request.

The phrase "consider a request" is slightly formal.

Other things that you can "consider" include:

  • consider doing something

    I considered going into medicine, but I decided that I wanted to do something a little more creative.

  • consider an offer
  • consider the options
  • consider the consequences (of doing something)

    I don't think she's really considered the consequences of taking on such a huge responsibility.