“Voter turnout here is abysmal.”

English Lesson: Voter turnout here is abysmal.

You're talking with an American friend about voting. You've noticed that not many people vote in U.S. elections, so you comment on it.

Voter turnout here is abysmal.

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voter turnout

In some countries, citizens are allowed to vote in the country's elections, but aren't required to vote. In these cases, "voter turnout" means how many people voted in an election.

(something) is abysmal

The word "abysmal" means very, bad or very low. You use it to talk about how things like:

  • a student's grades in schools
  • a company's sales numbers
  • a person's ability in a certain sport
  • the property values in a neighborhood
  • the number of people who turn out for an election

"Abysmal" is an ungradable adjective, which means that you don't usually combine it with words like "very" or "a little". Just use it by itself.