“It's nap time! Are you ready for your nap?”

English Lesson: It's nap time! Are you ready for your nap?

Your son usually sleeps in the afternoon after lunch. You want him to lay down and start to fall asleep.

It's nap time! Are you ready for your nap?

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Are you ready to (do something)?

Ask this question to find out whether someone is prepared to do something and whether they can start doing it.

Are you ready to go?

Are you ready to begin?

You can also use "Are you ready for ___?"

Are you ready for school?

Are you ready for dinner?

It's (something) time!

Use this phrase to talk about something that is about to start now. For example:

All right! It's party time!

It's game time!

It's feeding time for the chickens.

We usually use "it's ___ time" with a sense of excitement.

a nap

When someone sleeps for a short time during the day, it's called "a nap". You can "take a nap":

I took a nap this afternoon.

You can also use "nap" as a verb:

Is she napping?