“What an ego-maniac!”

English Lesson: What an ego-maniac!

You're visiting the office of one of your clients. He has a huge photo of himself on the wall which he seems really proud of. You think this to yourself.

What an ego-maniac!

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what a (something)

What a ___" communicates the idea "That's really ___" or "You're really ___." Here are some examples:

If you have to throw away food that's still good, you can say:

What a waste, huh?

Here's something a woman can say when a man opens a door for her:

What a gentleman! Thank you very much.

If a lot of people show up to your event or party:

What a great turnout!

an egomaniac

An "ego-maniac" is someone who is very, very interested in themselves. They're proud of themselves and have high confidence. They may also like talking about themselves.

There are several words that are similar to "ego-maniac" but with slight differences:

  • A conceited person is really proud of themselves, but maybe not as much as an "egomaniac". 
  • A vain person is specifically very proud of how they look. (Same for "narcissist 
  • A self-absorbed person is only interested in their own life and problems. However, being "self-absorbed" doesn't include as much confidence as being an "egomaniac".
  • A selfish person takes things for themselves and doesn't think about other people's feelings.