“What? That's nuts!”

English Lesson: What? That's nuts!

Your friend is telling you about the traffic jam that made her two hours late to work. You show your surprise.

What? That's nuts!

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You say "What?" when you can't hear or understand what someone says. But you can also say "What?" when they say something surprising:

A: I've decided that I'm dropping out of school.

B: What? Are you serious?

That's nuts!

"Nuts" is a casual way to say "crazy". As an example of how to use "nuts", if your friend is going to do something risky you might say:

You're nuts!

When a friend or coworker says something that's surprising, you can respond, "That's nuts."

A: We hiked 45 miles in two days.

B: Whoa, that's nuts! Really?