“Where'd you get it done?”

English Lesson: Where'd you get it done?

Your friend's car had a large dent in it, but he had it fixed. You're impressed with how well it was done, and you want to know where it was fixed so you can go to that mechanic yourself. You ask him this.

Where'd you get it done?

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get (something) (done)

This phrase means to pay someone to do something for you. Typical examples are:

  • getting your hair cut
  • getting your clothes dry cleaned
  • getting your oil changed
  • getting your nails done

Use one of these phrases whenever you're talking about one of these kinds of services:

Hey! Did you get your hair cut? It looks nice!

I always get my shirts cleaned at this great place on 35th Street.

(Talking about taxes) I'm getting them done by a real accountant this year. It's just too complicated to figure out on my own.

Where'd (something happen)?

"Where'd" is a contraction for "Where did".


Where'd he go?

Where'd you guys meet?