“I need to report a lost or stolen ATM card.”

English Lesson: I need to report a lost or stolen ATM card.

You can't find your bank card. You're afraid that you may have dropped it somewhere or that it might be stolen. You call the bank and say this to the customer service representative.

I need to report a lost or stolen ATM card.

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I need to (do something).

When you're a customer speaking with a customer service employee, you can explain something that you want to do like this:

I need to change the address on my account.

I need to cancel my membership.

report (an accident, crime, etc.)

"Reporting" something means telling the correct authorities. Here are some things that you can "report":

  • report a crime to the police
  • report damage to the apartment you're renting
  • report a change in your address to a company or government agency

ATM card

An "ATM" (automated teller machine) is a machine that you can withdraw money from.

Your "ATM card" is a card given to you by a bank, which you can use at an ATM.

lost or stolen

When you use the words "lost" and "stolen" together, "lost" usually comes first:

It might have been lost or stolen.