“Yes, the woman over there in the gray suit.”

English Lesson: Yes, the woman over there in the gray suit.

You gave a presentation at an event for people to practice giving speeches in English. Now you've opened the floor for questions. A few different people have raised their hands to ask a question, and you need to pick one of them. You say this and point to one woman in the crowd.

Yes, the woman over there in the gray suit.

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Yes, (name or description of a person)

In a large group of people like a classroom or a conference, people are trained to raise their hands when they want to speak. The leader of the group then "calls on" one person to speak. When you call on a person, it's common to say "Yes" and then either:

  • the person's name
  • an explanation of where the person is
  • a description of what the person looks like

For example, these are all ways to call on someone to speak in a big group of people:

Yes, Karen.

Yes, you up here in the front.

Yes, the gentleman in the green jacket.

Yes, Dr. Phillips.

the woman over there in the gray suit

This is an example of how to identify a person. You can give a lot of information about a person by fitting it together in this way:

  1. a man/woman/lady/gentleman/kid/guy/etc.
  2. over there/right here/next to ___/under___/on ___/in ___/etc.
  3. in (a piece of clothing)/with (something)

Here are a few examples of this:

Do you see that man next to the door in the baseball hat?

Who's that woman over there with the dog?

There's a nice-looking young man in the lobby in a denim jacket.

Yes, you right here with the scarf. What's your name?