“Yum! I could smell your cooking from down the street!”

English Lesson: Yum! I could smell your cooking from down the street!

You come home after work, and your wife is cooking fish. You were able to smell it before you even came in the door. When you come in, you say this.

Yum! I could smell your cooking from down the street!

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People say this when something tastes good, or when it looks or smells like it's going to taste good.

There's also the word "yummy". Both "Yum!" and "Yummy!" sound like something that a young child would say, but "Yummy!" sounds more childish than "Yum". A more adult-sounding expression to say when something tastes good is:

That's really good.

Or when you smell something that seems like it's going to taste good:

That smells great.

When you see it:

Looks great!

(someone's) cooking

The food that someone cooks is called "___'s cooking":

I'm looking forward to going home for a few days and having some of my mom's cooking.

Your cooking has certainly improved over the last few years.

smell (something) from (somewhere)

When a smell travels a long distance, you say "smell ___ from over here" or "smell ___ from (somewhere)":

Oh my God, those shoes are disgusting. I can smell them from over here!

My mama used to bake cookies every Sunday when I was growing up. You could smell them from a hundred yards away.

You can use "see" and "hear" in the same way:

I could hear them laughing from across the street.

We saw a herd of deer in the woods from our car.