“You totally nailed it!”

English Lesson: You totally nailed it!

Your friend gave a presentation in front of forty other students today. He was very nervous, but he did a fantastic job. You congratulate him when class is over.

You totally nailed it!

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(someone) totally (did something)

The word "totally" can intensify a verb the same way that "really" does. For example:

Dude! You totally nailed it!

(This means that someone did something exactly right.)

We totally wanted to come, but Maxine had to work.

This way of using "totally" is very casual and a little slangy. It sounds a little like something that a surfer would say.

nail (something)

Say this when someone does something very successfully, especially a test or challenging task.

She totally nailed the backflip.

A: I don’t feel prepared at all!

B: You’ve been preparing for a week! You’re gonna nail it!

This phrase is casual, but it's OK to use in most situations.