at (his/her/its) peak

The phrase "at its peak" is very similar in meaning to "in its prime". But the "peak" of something is the very highest level of performance, while the "prime" is a longer period of generally good performance. An athlete's "prime" might last several years, but their "peak" might only be a single season.

The "peak" of a mountain is the very top. It's the highest point on the mountain. So you can imagine that, if a person's skill or strength was recorded on a graph, the highest point of the graph will look like the peak of a mountain. This is why we call this point a "peak".

Some other phrases that include "peak" used in this way include:

  • To "reach a peak" means to gain the highest level that you've ever achieved at something.
  • "Peak performance" is the highest level a person is able to perform at.
  • "Peak production" is the fastest speed that a factory, industry, farm, etc. can make something.

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