awfully (something)

"Awfully" is an adverb like "very", "really", "slightly", and so on. It can mean two different things:

  1. When you're talking about something negative, "awfully ___" can mean "a little too ___":

    She's awfully close to the edge there. Tell her to come back over this way.

    You must be awfully tired. I'll go get the bed ready for you.

  2. "Awfully ___" can also mean something between "quite ___" and "very ___":

    Oh wow. That was awfully nice of him to let you do that.

    I'm awfully proud of you, son.

The most common adjectives to use with "awfully" are:

  • awfully good
  • awfully nice
  • awfully big
  • awfully quiet
  • awfully long

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