(someone) and I

When you talk about yourself and another person, there are certain rules in English for which comes first - you or the other person:

  • In casual conversation, many people say "Me and ___ (did something)"

    Me and Amywere sitting there...

    But some other people would never say this and would think it sounds uneducated.
  • In polite speech and in writing, it's considered correct to say "___ and I (did something)." ("

    Amy and I were sitting there...")

  • Things get confusing when you put this at the end of a sentence. A lot of people still say "(do something) to ___ and I." But some people think this is incorrect and you should say "(do something) to ___ and me." Since everyone disagrees, you can probably just pick which one you like!

    He said something to Amy and I.

    He said something to Amy and me.

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