(something) is inexpensive

"Inexpensive" means "not expensive" or "cheap".

The word "cheap" can have a slightly negative connotation. You call things that are low quality "cheap":

I ended up spending the night in a cheap hotel.

But "inexpensive" doesn't have the same negative sound, so it's good to use if you work at a store and want to tell customers about a cheap item.

The letters "in-" are used at the beginning of several words to mean "not ___". In this example, "inexpensive" means "not expensive". Here are some other examples:

  • incapable - not capable of doing something (not able to do it)
  • inoffensive - not offensive (not making people shocked and angry)
  • inconsiderate - not considerate of other people (not thinking about other people's feelings)
  • inconsequential - not consequential (not important)

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