(something/someone) is adorable!

"Adorable" means "really cute". Here are some examples of things that you can call "adorable":

  • babies
  • baby kittens or puppies
  • a young man who does something really romantic for his girlfriend
  • a young woman who wears really cute clothes and has a pretty smile
  • a dress that looks light and comfortable

Here are some things that you probably wouldn't call "adorable":

  • a tall, muscular guy with a square jaw

You'd call this guy "handsome" or maybe "hot" instead.

  • a beautiful woman dressed in a tight dress

You might call her "hot", "sexy", or maybe "gorgeous".

  • a scarf that your friend is trying on that you like a little bit

If you don't like something a lot, "adorable" might not work. "Cute", "nice", or "pretty" would work better.

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