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The Academic Plagiarism Checker for Students and Teachers

We have already touched on the essential elements needed to produce a quality essay. Now, we want to focus on another serious issue to consider when writing academic or research papers: plagiarism.

While writing an academic document, its research proposal, research article, thesis or any other...

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Improving English skills with English language Immersion

Learning a new language means a lot more than studying grammar and vocabulary in a book. You need to hear the language as much as learning its rules, speak it, live it… The most effective way to learn a language so that you can use it in your everyday life is immersion

What is it?


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Tips to Improve your English Skills

Learning a new language can be challenging and it can be a long process. During the path anything can happen - you can lose interest, lose motivation, get distracted by the other things you’re learning and doing. Sometimes, you can feel like the more you’re studying the less your...

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How NOT to Learn English: 5 Common Mistakes

Tablets of irregular verbs, words on cards, adapted books by Frank, language learning apps - anyone who has studied English may have encountered these methods. Unfortunately, may of these techniques are not effective.

Now, let's talk about ways to avoid common English learning...

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How to Learn English

The best tips

It’s very important today to know some English. Even though you don’t aim to become an expert in the language, it’s still important to be able to read and talk to someone in English. Otherwise, you risk being cut out of a lot of knowledge and content of any type....

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Phrases You Can Use To Make Your Essays More Interesting

Phrases You Can Use To Make Your Essays More Interesting

Only a brilliant essay can guarantee you a good grade. But, there’s quite a lot to be inserted into a paper aside from relevant data and a crafty introduction. A great essay always contains the right phrases and transition words. This...

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8 Academic Phrases Your Writing Doesn't Need

Phrases are what make an essay flow better. They connect the things, compare different ideas and points, introduce new facts, and so on. But, after a while and with a repetitive use, some phrases become too frequently used. These become dull, annoying, and have the opposite of the intended...

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Why Should You Prioritize On Sharpening Your English Skills In 2020

2020 is finally here, and as you jot down your new year resolutions, sharpening your English skills should be at the helm of your list.

Remember, English is the international language; Thus, it is the international language for business. That said, if you sharpen your English skills, then all...

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How Sports Can Help You to Improve Your English Skills

There are many ways of improving your English skills. Among them, is the idea of using your love of sports to learn new words and phrases. How could this work and what benefits might it bring you?   

You Will Learn While Having Fun

It is easier to learn new skills while doing something...

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Listen to 100 Popular Proverbs with Explainations


What are they? And why are they so important?

Proverbs are considered an important aspect of any language for many reasons. If nothing defines a culture more than its language, nothing encapsulates a society’s most intimate beliefs, values, and wiseness better than proverbs. But...