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How to Improve Your English Skills in University

There are 1.5 billion English speakers around the globe representing 20% of the world’s population. The language is the most spoken and thus has a global significance. Global bodies such as WHO and the United Nations use English as one of their official languages. 

It makes every sense...

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5 best tips on how to write an interview gender essay

Interview essay presents the views of different people to a specific event, person, phenomenon etc. We all see the interviews daily: on TV, in newspapers or magazines. We can even participate in one, answering some questions as a random person caught on the street. But taking interviews or - what...

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How to Figure Out a Good Argumentative Topic to Write Your Essay About

A good argumentative essay may be a tricky task for lots of students, especially when the topic isn’t provided by the teacher. Many topics have already become cheesy and it seems that all the pros and cons had been already stated and all the arguments had been finished even before you...

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5 Tips for Effective Networking In College

Despite the fancy name, networking is just communication between people that results in something useful for each - or at least for most of them. Making it effective is quite easy, and there are lots of ways to do it. We have chosen five tips that will come in handy no matter where you are and...

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Best Web Series to Quickly Upgrade Your English

Best Web Series
We are always on a lookout for an interesting and fun way to learn a language or improve the existing one. Well, there are a bunch of methods available. One of the most unique and fun methods is watching a TV series. With these web series, you can get a better grip over language without even...

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10 Simple Tips to Help Improve Your English Writing Skills

Do you think learning to write in English is quite challenging? Well, that is not always the case. With better practicing habits, you can become an excellent English writer you never thought to be.

Even so, some learners usually don’t give much thought about writing as they focus more on...

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7 Keys to Writing an Analysis Essay

An analysis essay has its own peculiarities that distinguish it from other essay types. If some other essays allow being emotional and even biased towards something, expressing your own attitude, this one should be as objective as possible. A proper analysis isn’t based on personal opinion...

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8 Ways to Keep Kids Busy and Learning Over the Holidays

The holidays are always a challenging period for parents with lots of kids to take care of. The sound of kids playing and running all around the house can almost drive you crazy if you do not find ways to keep them busy. It is important you learn how to utilize these holiday seasons and ensure...

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How the Benefits of Tutoring to Learn a Language Outweigh Those of the Classroom Environment

So, you’re considering learning a new language? Well If you are, you’re probably looking at learning a new language by one of two methods: tutoring OR a traditional classroom environment. But you might be wondering what the benefits of tutoring are — especially when compared to...

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The Academic Plagiarism Checker for Students and Teachers

We have already touched on the essential elements needed to produce a quality essay. Now, we want to focus on another serious issue to consider when writing academic or research papers: plagiarism.

While writing an academic document, its research proposal, research article, thesis or any other...