“Actually, the refrigerator's broken.”

English Lesson: Actually, the refrigerator's broken.

You're sitting in the break room at work when your colleague enters. She goes to put her food in the refrigerator, but you tell her that it's not working.

Actually, the refrigerator's broken.

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Actually, (sentence)

Use this to tell people something that's unexpected or different from what they are expecting to hear:

Wow, this is actually pretty good.

Actually, I'm looking to switch careers.

Actually it's been kind of slow this week.

"Actually," is really useful for correcting people. For example, if you're putting a puzzle together with someone and they put a piece in the wrong place, say:

Actually, the blue piece goes over here.

(a machine) is broken

When a machine doesn't work correctly, you can describe it as "broken":

Oh damn, the coffee maker is broken.

A: What's wrong with your tablet?

B: I don't know. It's broken.

You can also say "it broke":

My electric razor broke.