“But it still comes out from time to time.”

English Lesson: But it still comes out from time to time.

Your friend is from the southern part of the U.S. He says that he used to have a strong Southern accent growing up, but he tries to suppress it. Then he says this.

But it still comes out from time to time.

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(something) comes out

When you're trying to hide something, but it becomes revealed accidentally, you can say that it has "come out". For example:

He tries to act like he's all tough, but after you get to know him a little bit, his sweet side starts to come out.

The truth will come out.

Things that often "come out" include:

  • secrets
  • a person's true personality
  • accents
  • an opinion that someone has been hiding

(something happens) from time to time

"From time to time" means "sometimes":

From time to time, I'll get a question from a customer about whether they can pay by check.

I make mistakes too from time to time.

"From time to time" seems like it's less often than "sometimes".

(something) is still (happening)

Use "still" to talk about things that:

  • started in the past
  • are still going on
  • are continuing longer than you expected or hoped