“Here, I printed out your extension and your computer login.”

English Lesson: Here, I printed out your extension and your computer login.

There's a new employee in your department. Today is her first day on the job. You give her some information that she'll need for her computer and telephone.

Here, I printed out your extension and your computer login.

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Say "here" when you're giving something to someone:

Here. Take this.

print out (something)

Use the phrasal verb "print out ___" to talk about printing documents, photos, or other things from your computer to a small printer at home or in your office:

Did you print out a copy of our itinerary?

You would not use "print out" to discuss printing something like a book or a magazine. For those, you would just use the word "print".

(a telephone) extension

A company that has many employees and many telephones may use an "extension" system. You can call this company at their main telephone number, but if you want to talk to someone specific at that company, you can use their "extension". This is a series of three or four numbers that identifies that employee specifiically. We use "extension" like this:

My number is 555-2385, and my extension is 3021.

Thank you for calling Intratel. If you know your party's extension, you may dial it at any time. Please listen for the following phone options.

(someone's) (computer) login

To "log in" to a computer means to enter your user name, email address, password, and other information to get access:

A: How can I help you?

B: I need to pay my bill but I wasn't able to do it online.

A: OK. Were you able to log in?

We combine the words "log" and "in" to form "login". Your "login" is the information that you use to log in to a computer. Usually it means your user name:

I forgot my login and password.

Other times, it might mean both pieces of information:

Here's your login. Keep it safe!

We can also use "login" like this:

Do you remember your login information?

The word "login" can also mean the action of someone logging in to a computer:

After 3 login attempts, they lock your account and you have to call them to get it reset.