“He's a guy from my apartment complex.”

English Lesson: He's a guy from my apartment complex.

You run into someone at a shopping mall who lives near you. You're with your friend, who asks how you know this person. You explain.

He's a guy from my apartment complex.

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a guy

A "guy" is a man. It's a casual word.

You use this word instead of "man" when you're talking to your friends or in a casual situation like at a party. The person you're talking about can either be someone that you know, or someone who you don't know but don't have high respect for.

For a stranger who seems older and more respectable, "man" or even "gentleman" are more polite.

Note that you can use the plural form, "guys", when you're talking to a group of men or women:

Great job today, guys. Keep up the good work.

But "guy" (singular) always refers to a man.

an apartment complex

Sometimes a single company builds and manages a group of apartment buildings. The buildings might have some shared facilities like a pool, laundry room, or fitness room. This group of apartment buildings is called an "apartment complex".

Other similar examples of "complexes" include:

an office complex

a warehouse complex