“Those were the days, huh?”

English Lesson: Those were the days, huh?

You're hanging out with an old college buddy. You've been remembering funny stories of things that happened in college. It's made you feel nostalgic.

Those were the days, huh?

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(sentence), huh?

When someone ends a sentence with "huh?" it means that they think you're going to agree with what they said:

What a waste, huh?

Oh, I guess we're both going the same way, huh?

Valerie's really on a rampage today, huh?

"Huh" is common when you're making small talk about the weather, or when you're gossiping about someone.

When someone says "___, huh?" you should respond "Yeah!" if you agree with what they said.

Those were the days.

People often have fond memories of the past. When you're with old friends and talking about good memories from the past, you can express your feeling of nostalgia by saying:

Those were the days.

This means "That was a really great time in our lives."

A similar expression is "the good old days".:

Those were the good old days.

If you want to talk about a period that was difficult or negative, use "tough times":

Those were tough times, weren't they?