“It's more or less done.”

English Lesson: It's more or less done.

You've been working on a cabinet that you're building yourself. Someone asks how it's coming along. You want to tell them that you're 90% finished with it.

It's more or less done.

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(something) is more or less (adjective)

The expression "more or less" means "almost" or "basically". 

When you say that something is "more or less done", it means that it's basically finished. It might need a little more work to be perfectly finished, but it's finished enough.

Some other examples of this expression are:

more or less the same

more or less equal

more or less finished

You can also use "more or less" at the end of a sentence. For example, after explaining how to do a job to a new employee, you can say:

That's it, more or less.

(something) is done

When you say that something is "done", it means that it's finished:

Are you done with that?

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt your dinner. Just give me a call when you're done.