“Landscape architecture is an extremely competitive field.”

English Lesson: Landscape architecture is an extremely competitive field.

You're a university student, and your major is landscape architecture. You're trying to get a summer internship. You say this, explaining to a friend with another major why it's important to get this internship.

Landscape architecture is an extremely competitive field.

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landscape architecture

An "architect" is someone whose job is to create plans for the design of buildings. A "landscape architect" plans the layout of the outdoor areas around buildings. A landscape architect will decide where to put different plants, paths, rocks, benches, and other outdoor features.

"Architecture" is a field or a subject of study. An "architect" is someone who works in that field.

extremely (adjective)

"Extremely" means "very" but is even stronger. Some of the most common adjectives that are used with "extremely" are:

extremely important

extremely difficult

extremely high/low (for a number or amount, not for actual height)

extremely rare

extremely difficult

a competitive field

A "field" is an area of study and work. Some examples of "fields" include:

  • the field of accounting
  • the medical field (doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • the field of education

A field is similar to an "industry". An "industry" is an area of business. Here are some examples of industries:

  • the automotive industry (building and selling cars)
  • the hospitality industry (hotels)
  • the entertainment industry (movies, TV, and music)

A "competitive" field is one that a lot of people are trying to get jobs in. Acting, professional sports, and veterinary medicine are examples of very competitive fields in the U.S.