“My ears are ringing. Are yours?”

English Lesson: My ears are ringing. Are yours?

You're driving home with your girlfriend after a loud concert. Because of all the noise, you hear a kind of high-pitched sound in your ears. You tell her about it.

My ears are ringing. Are yours?

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(someone's) ears are ringing

After a really loud noise like a live concert, you may start to hear a high-pitched noise. You can also hear it sometimes if you're in a really quiet place. We call this noise "ringing" and use it like this:

My ears are ringing.

There's a ringing in my right ear.

"Ring" is the same verb which describes the sound of a bell:

Whenever the fire alarm started to ring, we'd all shuffle outside and stand in front of the school building.

My (something) is (something). Is yours?

Use this kind of sentence to compare your experience to someone else's:

My soup is a little cold. Is yours?

Or for more than one thing:

My hands are cold. Are yours?