“My ears are still ringing.”

English Lesson: My ears are still ringing.

You went to a concert last night. The music was really loud, so it hurt your ears. Now you hear a strange noise because of it. You explain it to your roommate.

My ears are still ringing.

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(someone's) ears are ringing

After a really loud noise like a live concert, you may start to hear a high-pitched noise. You can also hear it sometimes if you're in a really quiet place. We call this noise "ringing" and use it like this:

My ears are ringing.

There's a ringing in my right ear.

"Ring" is the same verb which describes the sound of a bell:

Whenever the fire alarm started to ring, we'd all shuffle outside and stand in front of the school building.

(something) is still (happening)

Use "still" to talk about things that:

  • started in the past
  • are still going on
  • are continuing longer than you expected or hoped