“OK, but let’s think of some other options.”

English Lesson: OK, but let’s think of some other options.

You're discussing how to solve a problem with some coworkers. You've been debating one solution with a coworker for a few minutes. You'd like to stop talking about this solution and think of some other ideas instead. You say this to move the conversation on.

OK, but let’s think of some other options.

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let's (do something)

Make a suggestion using "let's ___" when you're pretty sure that the people you're speaking to will accept your suggestion. If you're not as sure, you can say "why don't we ___":

Guys, why don't we call it a day.


One of the ways that English speakers use "OK" is to signal a change in the flow of conversation.

For example, before you begin a meeting everyone might be making small talk and chatting about different topics. To start the serious business part of the meeting, you can start with "OK".

You can also use "OK" when you want to:

think of (something)

There are two meanings for the phrase "think of". One is to remember something that you heard or experienced before:

I was thinking of that time when we went fishing and my fishing pole fell in the river. Remember that?

You can also use "think about" in those cases.

Another meaning is to come up with new ideas.

Can you think of a good name?

In these cases, you can also use the phrase "think up".


some options

"Options" are things that you can choose from.

I've already gotten accepted to the University of Michigan but I want to have some options so I'm still applying to a few more schools.

Not many restaurants here have options for vegetarians.